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About Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a very unique destination with its vibrant culture, over 300 days of sunshine, pristine beaches, friendly people, delicious food, unspoiled nature and proximity to many more exciting locations around the Mediterranean.

Many foreigners have decided to make Northern Cyprus their home over the years. They are attracted by the high quality of life offered at affordable prices. There are modern hospitals and healthcare facilities. Also, numerous five-star resorts scattered all across the country offering entertainment, nightlife, gourmet food, spas and sports activities. 


The Esentepe Region is also home to a championship golf course that attracts players all year round. In Alagadi you can watch the turtles lay their eggs and witness the hatchlings being released by the conservation teams.


In the Karpaz peninsula there are pristine beaches where you can bask in the sun on an empty beach all by yourself, or visit the national parks where the wild donkeys roam freely.  

Karpaz Golden Beach.jpg

If you wish to be more active there is also excellent hiking all across the territory, as well as many scuba diving locations, rock climbing, paragliding, kite surfing and mountain biking paths.


The country is also home to 20 public and private universities, housing many international students.  Education is one of the largest industries on the island and the country has one of the highest rates of higher educational institutions per capita.


The culture plays a major role in what makes people fall in love with Northern Cyprus.  The locals are known for their hospitality and embracing visitors as part of their own family. They value a sense of community and come together regularly at one of the many festivals that take place throughout the year.  These events are a perfect opportunity to sample local delicacies, witness traditional music and dance performances, and mix with the locals.

Investing is also easy with multiple currencies being accepted all around.  The official currency is the Turkish Lira but British Pound, EURO and US Dollars are widely accepted.  It is also common for most developers to accept major cryptocurrencies for property sales with a transaction cost of 2.5-3%. 


Northern Cyprus also has low taxes relating to property transactions.  Title transfers can be as low as 3% on the value of the property (for first time buyers) and annual property tax comes out to be roughly 1.5 Turkish Lira per square meter.


Getting into Northern Cyprus is quite easy.  You can fly into Ercan Airport directly from Turkey or opt for one of the ferries leaving its southern coast. There are also two other airports in the Republic of Cyprus, in Larnaca and Paphos, which have direct flights to most major European cities.


Five Regions




The most popular region for real estate investors and tourists alike.  It has the longest stretch of coastline, with the dramatic Five Fingers Mountain range rising alongside it.  Most developments, with the exception of the city center, will be two story structures with large green areas surrounding them.  



Home to Long Beach, one of the longest stretches of sandy beaches, the region is dotted with many high rises developments catering to locals and foreigners looking to purchase vacation homes.  The landscape is flat and allows for large resort projects to be built.

İskele Long Beach.jpg
Adsız tasarım (5).png



On the west coast of the island, the city had long stayed unrecognised by foreign investors.  Known for its citrus groves and agricultural lands, this area is much quieter than the aforementioned regions.  In recent years there has been a surge of large developments that are appearing on the coast in the shape of all inclusive resorts.  Guzelyurt offers investors what you expect from a coastal town, at competitive prices.



An important port town on the east coast.  Home to historical sites such as the Salamis Ruins, Saint Barnabas monastery.  City center is a must visit, including Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the old city walls, and other medieval buildings scattered across.  If you are feeling the heat you can head over to Palm Beach to cool off.

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The landlocked capital city is preferred mostly by locals, being the administrative heart of the country.  It is also home to Ercan Airport which will be your destination flying directly into Northern Cyprus.

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