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Seaside Splendor: Unveiling Luxury 1 bedroom apartment in Iskele's Coastal Gem









In the charming coastal town of Iskele in the Long Beach area, a spectacular development has emerged, redefining luxury living with an array of amenities catering to every aspect of modern life. A comfortable 1-bedroom apartments spanning 60m2 ensures a home for every need. The apartment is meticulously designed, boasting kitchen cabinets for convenience.

Outside, a lobby reception is installed for a welcoming atmosphere.The blocks have 11 floors and are ideally situated to face the sea, with all properties above 5th floor ensured uninterrupted sea views.

Residents are treated to a plethora of leisure options. Five restaurants offer culinary delights, while a BBQ area invites outdoor gatherings. An amphitheatre promises cultural and entertainment events under the open sky, while a spa center, sauna, and Turkish Hammam provide indulgent retreats. An indoor pool and fitness center cater to wellness enthusiasts, complemented by a massage room for relaxation.

For convenience, the development features a luxury shopping center and pharmacy, ensuring residents' daily needs are met without hassle. A terrace lounge offers panoramic views of sea and mountains, while an aqua park and children's park provide fun for the whole family. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy basketball and football fields, while a unique gondola ride in Venice inspired canal covering the project grounds adds charm to the surroundings.

Furthermore, residents enjoy the convenience of a closed car garage, ensuring secure parking. While being only 800 meters away from the sea, allowing for easy access through shuttle service to beachfront activities and relaxation. In essence, this development in Iskele encapsulates the epitome of modern living, blending luxury, convenience, and leisure seamlessly into one extraordinary community.

Project will be completed in 3 phases with Blocks 1,2,3 & 4 completing in June 2025. Blocks 5 & 6 to be complete in June 2027 and finally Blocks 7,8 & 9 to complete in June 2029. Payment plans are with 40% downpayment and balance to be paid until completion, except for Block 4 where you can take advantage of a special offer to pay the balance until June 2027. Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Starting prices:

Studio: £100,000

1 Bedroom: £130,000

2 Bedroom: £157,650

2 Bedrom En-Suite: £188,400

2 Bedroom Penthouse: £408,000

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