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Prime Investment Opportunity: Magnificent Business Center in the Heart of Kyrenia








Property Description

Investing in this business center project in Kyrenia, North Cyprus offers several compelling reasons:

Prime Location: The central location of the business center in the heart of Kyrenia, in the Karakum area, provides easy access to essential amenities and services. Proximity to main roads ensures high visibility, making it a strategic location for businesses.

Convenience: The project's proximity to banks, high schools, supermarkets, hotels, and petrol stations adds to its convenience. This is advantageous for businesses as it attracts foot traffic and potential customers, contributing to the success of commercial ventures.

Diverse Commercial Spaces: The project offers a mix of ground floor loft shop units and first-floor office units, catering to a variety of businesses. The inclusion of large basement floors for shop units and open terraces with sea views for some office units enhances the appeal and functionality of the spaces.

High-Quality Construction: The use of high-quality materials in the construction of the units ensures durability and a sophisticated appearance. This not only adds value to the property but also provides a comfortable and appealing environment for businesses and customers.

Spacious and Comfortable: The project emphasizes spacious and comfortable offices and shops, enhancing the working environment for businesses. Comfortable and well-designed spaces can contribute to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Potential for Capital Appreciation: The central location and the overall development of the area may contribute to the appreciation of property values over time. Investing in a growing and strategically located area can yield long-term gains.

Rental Potential: The central location and diverse commercial spaces increase the rental potential of the units. Businesses looking for prime locations may find these units attractive, providing a steady rental income for investors.

Flexible Payment Plan: The availability of a flexible payment plan makes the investment more accessible to a broader range of investors. This flexibility can be particularly appealing for those who prefer staggered payments over time.

Proximity to Key Locations: The project's proximity to the beach, Kyrenia city center, Esentepe, Nicosia, and the airport enhances its appeal for both businesses and potential tenants.

Overall, this business center project in North Cyprus presents a comprehensive investment opportunity with its strategic location, diverse commercial spaces, high-quality construction, and potential for both capital appreciation and rental income.

Shop-loft: 167,8-202,1 m2

Starting price is 550.000 GBP

Office: 65-75,7 m2

Starting price is 249.000 GBP

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